Thursday, June 18, 2009

Snow White Samara

The woman at the Goodwill told me this is Snow White:

She said there were seven dwarves and someone bought all of those. I was quite displeased that I missed out on the chance to horribly alter a bunch of dwarves, but I bought her anyway. She's ceramic and appears to have been in someone's yard, as her hollow insides contained potting soil and spider webs before I cleaned her up.

I'm still making the most of that Krylon white primer I found in my garage. It is the greatest discovery I have ever made -- this shit is the bomb. Great coverage and a nice powdery matte finish. I was so excited that I ran to Home Depot and bought three more cans just so I'm never out of it again.

After the primer I painted her up with acrylic to look dead and waterlogged sort of like the Japanese girl-ghosts that are All The Rage, with a wet muddy hemline and a gray wash over her face. Three coats of poly and here she is:

Everyone asks what I'm going to put in her lap there where she's holding up her apron. The problem is that it slopes, so anything I put there falls right out and I would have to glue it on for it to stay. I can't think of anything good enough to commit to right now, and I think it's kind of creepier that there's nothing in it, so I'm leaving it for now.

I'm still working on the log cabin blanket made from all my leftover acrylic yarn, and it gets more hideous by the day. I'm also in the middle of a painting for a friend of my brother and I'll get that up here when I finish. Today I was pleased to find actual "before" photos of it in flickr. Yay me!