Friday, November 20, 2009

Seriously? June?

Sorry about that. Let me see if I can catch up.

I bought this at the Goodwill (for $4.99, as you can see). It's kind of weird in that the whole thing is ceramic but it's made to look like the bust is mounted in a frame.
The previous owner tried to slap some paint on the "frame" in a shitty fashion, but the rest of it was pretty much primed and ready. So I did this to it:
I forgot to measure it but it's probably 5" across and 7" high. And heavy as hell. Seriously, who's idea was this? What a bizarre little item. Anyhoo, it looks way better now.

Here's another abomination, direct from the 80s:It's roughly 2 1/2 feet (almost) square, and if that's not giving you nightmares, imagine two of them. That's right, it has a buddy. But I will spare you that one for now because I didn't put the images in flickr yet. So I decided to do a dinosaur for my friends' brand new son Wyatt:Awwwww....look at that little face!I tried to give him a nice mohawk with his head plates.

I'm working on some stuff for Xmas that will probably have to remain secret, but there are a couple of things still lodged in the camera that I will get up here soon. I PROMISE. Also while I was gone Flickr and Blogger both conspired to make it a whole lot damn harder to post photos. Sure wish they hadn't done that.