Thursday, August 4, 2016

Basketweaving: Part Four

I feel I should mention something here: You know how much I love encaustics? How much I have wanted to work with them my whole life, and now I can? And how my life has been changed forever and I have never felt so complete? Well guess what? IT'S 100 DEGREES IN MY GARAGE RIGHT NOW. There is no way in HELL I'm standing over a hot griddle again until the temp drops at least down to the high 70s.

I am sad, yes, but the fire inside me still burns! The outside of me doesn't burn, because I'm sitting on the floor of my air conditioned den weaving baskets and cutting my hands to ribbons. Hooray for indoor crafts!!

Continuing in the spirit of the tree basket from before, I made these two:

And one more bone basket:

These are all up in the Etsy shop and I feel like a tool every time I say that. :(

Anyway, the baskets will continue as long as Georgia remains a Sweltering Hellmouth. So probably mid-October. OR until I run out of bones.