Thursday, May 2, 2013

Clowny Clown Clown

Here's that green box from the background of that other photo. I got it at a thrift store and it had a porcelain doll in it.


You may have noticed I have a weird addiction to boxes. It's less problematic than my chair addiction, which was really causing trouble and had to be dealt with. These take up way less space.

So anyway, I'm still working on the doll, because it didn't turn out the way I wanted. And I've been hanging onto this box waiting to be inspired.

About a hundred years ago, my high school art class project was to replicate a classic painting from one of the masters. I chose to copy this number here from Paul Cézanne:


It's the one and only time I ever worked in oils. They are beautiful, they blend amazingly, and I do not have the patience for them. The End.

I've hung on to this thing for some reason, and I had it hanging in my college dorm. One of my bitch roommates decided she was pissed at me and took a lighter to the back of the fellow in red. Being oil paint, it eagerly went up in flames. She quickly blew it out, then hung it back on the wall. This is how you know someone is not an artist. You don't fuck with someone's artwork. Period.

I didn't discover the large burn hole until much later. And I never took a picture of it. But for some reason I CONTINUED dragging this thing around with me. Why? I have no idea! Maybe just so I could stay angry at that bitch. Who knows. Anyway, I eventually tossed it on the pile of paintings in my studio.

This past weekend I looked at the painting, looked at this box, and decided to combine them.


Oops, did I accidentally cut up the original Cézanne? It looks identical!

The red guy is a wee bit smaller than the white guy because the burn hole was directly below his left hand. I trimmed right across the top of it and E6000ed it to the box.

In other news, I recently found a baggie of red puff balls in my fabric drawer. Why do I have a bag of red puff balls?? These are the mysteries of craft supply hoarding! Onto the box they went. (Oh, I also duct taped a pink hair tie inside the top of the drawer to pull down over the knob because that junk will not stay closed and it makes it really hard to open the box.) I have no idea what I'm going to do with this, so into the Outbox it goes!

Here's the last box from the massive decoupage event. It had some horrible Xmas crap on it before I spray painted it.



Much better. Oh hai, Gorgoroth! Serendipitous lid placement there. Save the Pandas!

I had a very satisfying weekend of organization and fat-trimming in the studio. So cathartic. Sometimes you have to just admit an idea isn't going anywhere and cut it loose...into the trash can. Hooray purging!