Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Revenge Art

My friend and coworker Patti is so supportive regarding my terrible shit artwork. She reads this blog and comments on my retardo escapades, and even contributed this lovely piece to the effort:

It hangs over my craft area at home and I just love it. Sparkly eyes!!

When I found this painting I decided it would be a perfect thank you/punishment for all of her positive support over the years. Guess which part I added:

If you guessed this:

...give yourself a pat on the back. Can you believe that bush overhanging the border? And the birch trees sticking out the top? HAHAHA! Absolutely ridiculous.

I hope Patti has learned her lesson. Though truly the joke is on me right now because it's hanging in her cubicle and I have to see that bullshit every time I walk past. Well played, Patti. Well played. ;)

Postcard Round Up

Here's the postcard I received from the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap:
All of the lines are machine stitched. Isn't it lovely? And it comes with tea! Royal Mail is the best. Thank you! Here's the ones I sent:

The theme was "time" and I'm no good with vague themes so I sent both of my weak interpretations. It is my fervent hope that these postcards look better in person than they do in these terrible shots. I decoupaged the images and then sprayed clear coat on them, so the reflections were unavoidable. At any rate I'm sure my recipient will never participate in this event again.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap

I just found out about this and signed up. I hope it's not too late:

(Hopefully I've made that photo a link to the page.) This sounds like a lot of fun. I usually like to have more parameters because abstract concepts make me nervous, but I'm gonna give it a shot because it's postcard size and maybe I won't get night sweats. Hurry because today is the last day to sign up! I'll post my terrible contribution on my page and also here when I get it hammered out . And these are the other contributors.