Sunday, January 31, 2010

Post Xmas Roundup: Non-Xmas Edition

In the middle of the Xmas rush, it apparently seemed like a good idea to do a bunch of extra shit that wasn't on the list. Some of it wasn't time consuming, such as the day I discovered Krylon "Short Cuts" in fluorescent colors:

Come on, you knew I had to eventually do a Hot Pink Jesus. Other stuff was more involved. Here's a before shot:

And after:

This was conceived as a potential brother present.

Here's one I just finished a couple of days ago. Before and After:

Awwww, baby vampire cherubs! And they appear to be musical prodigies!! AWWWWWW!!

And lastly, here's something I found in Goodwill that's already so horrifying that I couldn't possibly improve upon it:

Seriously, this is the very embodiment of "can't sleep, clown will eat me." Couldn't make it any worse.

I've got something varnishing right now, but if I post it I won't be back until like August. So that's it for now!

Post Xmas Roundup: Ceramics Edition

The parade of idiocy continues:

1. I wrapped Gaby's gift without taking a photo of it, then refused to open it because it was the last of my NASCAR wrapping paper. Photo to come.

2. As usual I randomly took photos, so some exist and some don't. The ones that exist are sometimes really shitty, which I think is a combination of misjudging the light in my sunroom and being in a hurry to wrap stuff for Xmas. Thank Cthulhu for the correction tools in iPhoto, however unlike the mighty Cthulhu they are not all-powerful.

3. There's at least one gift that hasn't been delivered yet, so that one has to wait.

On with the clownboatery. Shockingly, this one actually has a before photo. Here's how she looked at the Goodwill:

Ain't that a purty mouth? Seriously, what were they thinking with this? Don't worry, I fixed it:

In this close up you can see that at some point her head had snapped off and they reattached it. I decided to add the stitches instead of pretending it wasn't there. Also, have I mentioned how much I love the Krylon black primer? Have I? Have I mentioned that?

Next up, this is what I gave to my brother that got the painting in the last post. I would skip the before photo, but I didn't take one. *SHOCK*

Apparently my sister can't even look at this. HAAHAHAHA!!! I guess she won't be receiving any of my "art." Luckily my brothers are as fucking sick as I am, so here's what the other one got:

Man, I thought I had a closer shot of that one. It was probably too dark and useless. That sucks. Also I should mention that I started painting this about three days before I discovered the Krylon black primer, so that's why it's flatter and not as shaded.

Here's the last Xmas one. Before:


This one is a little different. I accidentally put too much red on the mouth, and at the angle I was holding it I got an optical illusion that the mouth was missing. So I decided to make it even worse by carving out the bottom lip with my block cutting tools. It's sort of chalky so it wasn't hard. That made it look raw and alien-like, so I slapped a bunch of paint on it to make the mouth look more gruesome. Unfortunately in this shot it totally looks like that bottom lip is still there, which is odd. Here's another angle:

And here's an accidentally artsy-fartsy one:

Oh, as a teaser, here's Gaby's "before" present:

Isn't he saucy? Tee hee! I should have an "after" shot soon. Next up, some non-Xmas-related projects that happened. You know, if I took photos.

Post Xmas Roundup: Paintings Edition

Tons of Xmas stuff to post, now that it's been delivered. In the interest of saving both space and my sanity in battling with this interface, I'll just post the "afters." And anyway I never shot a before of the second one. But we're all used to that.

First up a painting for my brother. You can guess which part I added:

If you guessed this, you were correct:

Here's one I did for some friends that are less twisted than my brother:

Who loves frolicking yetis??

Awwww!!! I'm going to leave it at that for now and do the ceramics in another post. Happy New Year!