Saturday, August 27, 2011

Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap 4!

Well I kind of forgot to mention the Swap this time. Oops. The theme this time was "bloom." Here's what I received:

From Frankie in England

Frankie in Nottinghamshire (Royal Mail is the best) says the fabric is hand dyed, then stamped, then machine embroidered, then hand embroidered. It's beautiful, and way more work than I put into this abomination:


Can you believe this thing? Hey Julia, I HOPE YOU LIKE ORLANDO BLOOM. A LOT. Yeah, so I recently took up cross stitching. So there's that. Here's the back:

My last Swap postcard never did show up on the flickr group. So I figure she either didn't receive it or was so disappointed that she torched it and swore to never sign up for another Swap. I have a feeling this one might also get "lost in the mail." I wouldn't blame her one bit.

I dedicate this postcard to my hero, Daffy Duck, who taught me to always look out for Number One. Bless you, Daffy.