Thursday, April 7, 2011

Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap 3 - Continued


Here's what I received from Australia!!

Look at this beautiful quilted postcard. The background fabric is designed to look like notebook paper and the trees and flowers are quilted on. I know absolutely nothing about quilting, so you won't get any fancy terminology out of me. All I know is it's gorgeous. And has a ladybug button on it!!

But not only did I get that gorgeous quilted postcard, I got loot too!

A lovely fabric swatch covered in Australian fauna (that paper koala is the tag), a keychain shaped like Australia with kangaroos on it, and a beautiful explanatory notecard from the delightful Hilary. I scored this time. Yay!

Here's what one Canadian lass may or may not have scored, since I have yet to hear anything:

Ooh...whatever could this be?

(As you may have guessed, once again I blew the whole "stitch" part of the project by painting on balsa wood and had to salvage at the end by knitting an envelope. I'm not sure I'm qualified for these projects.) So intriguing....

Aaaaand Captain Bringdown strikes again. That's right, love is a disease and should be avoided at all cost. The End.