Monday, May 31, 2010

Pig Butcher

This guy started off as a blank white unvarnished ceramic pig-chef with holes in his hands presumably for holding wooden spoons or something in the kitchen. It seemed bizarre and frightening as is, but I decided to take it further.

That's his tail back there. The whole idea is just weird. Anyway, once he was all blood spattered it was time for some tools. I found a strange little spike at the Salvation Army, along with a couple of cheese knives that I Frankensteined together to make a cleaver. The Frankensteined cleaver still kind of looked like a safe, cute cheese knife, so I went at it with the dremel and then covered it with blood:

I made his face runny so he's less Friendly Corner Butcher and more Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

Love the Krylon black primer and love the poly varnish. Whatever crap you slap down in between them comes off looking ten times better than it would otherwise.

I've got some magic happening on the easel right now. It's another request and it's breaking new ground in stupidity. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Go Beavers

I like to make the BFF's birthday special every year, because he is a very special person. And by special I mean "special." You know what I mean. So I made this for him:

He's crazy for Teen Wolf. And by crazy I mean "crazy." You know what I mean.

Then I had a request for a painting of Harry Dean Stanton. I thought this would be a good challenge and a nice break from my usual asshattery. I came up with this:

The BFF says it looks like Fredo Corleone. But that's why he gets shit like Teen Wolf.