Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm Not Titling This For Fear He Will Find It In A Search

I had a request to turn Fenriz into a zombie, and the only special instruction was that he be wearing aviator sunglasses. Which is kind of a shame, because look at these eyebags:

Oh well, maybe next time. So here he is in all his post-apocalyptic glory:

I have a new complaint about my photos to add to the list. Apparently in the last month or so iPhoto went all weird on me. None of the regular settings were there (I have since found them - or, more accurately, made the husband find them) so I didn't bother correcting this one or the last batch. I figured, screw it, they always look terrible anyway. At least his hair is bouncy and shiny.

Post Xmas Roundup

My mother is in love with Barnabas Collins:


A friend really digs Zappa:


I really dig canned cranberry sauce:


Wouldn't be Xmas without a car wreck:


...and demon cherubs:


And I made this for Zeppo & Lori's new venture, Third Half Studios:


Wow, that might be the fastest Post Xmas Roundup ever! Special thanks to Flickr and Blogger for not being asshats today. Bravo!