Friday, June 17, 2016

Hello Etsy, Goodbye Soul

Friends, I held out as long as I could. The world finally wore me down.

Behold my Etsy shop.

There you will find some new sharts such as this:

and Wild Bill:

as well as many old "favorites."

I'm trying to cram as much assclownery into my shop page as possible while still meeting their requirements. Abusing the 'tag' feature will be a pleasure -- I should put "artisanal" and "curated" in every single listing. Ha. I need to remember to do that tomorrow. What else? "Burlap Pinterest Wedding" might get me some clicks.

Sigh. I'm in the belly of the beast now. At least I'm finally using that postage meter I bought like two years ago. The freedom of mailing random shit to my friends without having to visit the post office is pretty much a dream come true. #WINNING

Please visit my damn Etsy shop. Thank you.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Two More Sharts

Couple more sitting on the desktop:

I tried to take nicer photos by putting a white drape over the easel and it blew out the photos. I can't win.

Encaustics Kick Ass

I'm kind of backed up right now, and these are sitting on the desktop so I'll just dump them off.

Remember when they demolished my office building in order to turn it into a factory? First they vaporized all of the employees leaving only furniture behind. I shot these with my Instax:


A Companion Piece to the Chairnobyl series, and the one Ray of Hope in any office environment.

My sister-in-law stayed in our guest room this weekend and informed me that these are "creepy." I'm so desensitized by this point I can't even tell any more. So I was glad to hear it!

Hopefully I will have something more interesting to post next time. Fingers crossed!