Thursday, July 28, 2016

Basketweaving: Part Three

YES. We left off with Rit Dye. Behold:

I think the red was called Scarlet. The dark purple was called Black and also "Azkaban" or something which is rad.

The red came out better than I hoped. The black came out pretty much like I expected, which was more of a dark purple, because you're never going to get a real black out of that stuff. :(

After my house and body were completely covered in dye, I dragged out the beginner patterns again and made this:

That's a vertebra on the handle. One particularly delightful house guest asked me, "Do you want the bucket of bones I have in my car?" I think we all know the answer to that question. [Incidentally, if you want this basket, feel free to purchase it in the Dr. Craftenstein Etsy shop. SQUEEEE]

In the meantime I had also ordered this book:

in which I found the pattern for this next basket, as seen in the bottom left corner of the book cover:

But I can't leave well enough alone so I collaged a dead tree on the front. [ETSY, SQUEEE]

Using that amazing red reed and another pattern out of the new book, I made this basket to hold the husband's vast collection of sacks of dried beans:

I have to admit I'm kind of proud of that one. But it would not be nearly as impressive without the vibrant red color. Imagine it in natural reed col...ZZzzzzzzzzzz... OH SORRY I FELL ASLEEP.

So to celebrate my achievement, and also mark the birth of the Glorious Beccula, I made this:

Please note that my hands are now permanently red and black at the same time. Like a fancy coal miner.

I filled the basket with lovely tree clippings from my yard and delivered it to her doorstep.

Happy Birthday, Beccula!! Do not fail me ever again. Consider yourself warned.

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